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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurant - Roasted Salmon Dinner - Gay Restaurant Review

Byzantium: Memoirs of the Martinis

  Restaurant Byzantium Martini Bar & Supper Club Genre French Fusion Cuisine, Martini Bar Storefront 499 Church Street; Toronto, Canada (416) 922-3859 Church & Wellesley // Google...

City Spotlight

Madrid - Metro Station, Gran Via - Gay Travel
Madrid, Spain

The Morning after the Night Before in Madrid

  When you’ve had a typical night on the tiles – Madrid style – and rolled home with the...
Julio en Barrio de Chueca - Madrid, Spain - Gay Travel
Madrid, Spain, Worthy Read

Chueca: A Daytime Tour of Madrid’s Gay Quarter

  In the harsh light of day, is Madrid’s gay quarter still as cool?  Picture this… You’re having the night...
Madrid at Night - Gay Bars, Nightlife
Madrid, Spain

Chueca: When the sun sets in Madrid’s Gay Quarter

  Nights in the gay quarter sprawl out in the bars and hotels from Plaza de Chueca. Once the...
Madrid, Spain - Hotel Stay - Gay Travel
Madrid, Spain

Where to Stay in Madrid, Spain

  Are you the kind of traveler who won’t bed down anywhere less than five stars?  Do you want something super-central? Or,...
Tapas Bar - La Boqueria Market, Spain
Madrid, Spain, Worthy Read

The Art of Tapas: Madrid

  Tapas is by far the star of the culinary show in Spain. And this is coming from a...
Madrid - Cibeles square from City Hall - Gay Travel
Madrid, Spain

A Year of Festivals in Madrid

So, when you think of Spain and partying you think Ibiza, right? Maybe even cosmopolitan Barcelona, but Madrid?!? Landlocked...